Re-Introducing the Real Windows Vista at Tauquil's Blog

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Microsoft has a long history of copying ideas from elsewhere. I've been watching them for years, and have yet to see them come up with an inventive idea. Oh, wait, they have a visual effect for tooltips which has them "unfurl" from top-to-bottom, that's probably a true invention by Microsoft. Okay, they've had one minor original idea. In particular they seem fond of copying ideas from Apple -- in fact, its well understood that Windows was developed because Bill Gates saw the Mac and got scared and told his people he wanted something like that. Which is why Windows has always been a cheap imitation of the Mac.

At the CES 2006 show last week, Bill Gates demo'd some new stuff in the upcoming Windows release. This was previously known as Longhorn, but that was a code word, and the real name is "Vista". Whatever.

Anyway, a Mac fan had an inspiration from watching his demo. And he overlayed Bill's voice explaining Vista/Longhorn features on top of a video of running through the equivalent features in Mac OS X. Features that were either new with 10.4 (Tiger) or had existed for awhile.

Of course Apple sometimes borrows ideas from elsewhere. In fact, all the GUI developers are riffing off each other all the time. My mother is still an Amiga fan (still, after all these years) and will go on tirades about how both Microsoft and Apple stole all sorts of brilliant ideas from AmigaOS. Sigh