Cool Tool: Programming the Universe

Date: Sun Dec 15 2013 Quantum Reality »»»» Quantum Computing »»»» Spiritual Physics
Cool Tool: Programming the Universe: This book hasn't been published yet, but it sounds like it's right up my alley. It's described as using quantum physics to look at the world as a "computer", and not just that the quantum world is doing calculations that cause our world to exist, but also that we can engage the world in that computation and reprogram the world. Holy co-creation batman!

Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes on the Cosmos

Lloyd, a professor at MIT, works in the vanguard of research in quantum computing: using the quantum mechanical properties of atoms as a computer. He contends that the universe itself is one big quantum computer producing what we see around us, and ourselves, as it runs a cosmic program. According to Lloyd, once we understand the laws of physics completely, we will be able to use small-scale quantum computing to understand the universe completely as well. In his scenario, the universe is processing information. The second law of thermodynamics (disorder increases) is all about information, and Lloyd spends much of the book explaining how quantum processes convey information. The creation of the universe itself involved information processing: random fluctuations in the quantum foam, like a random number generator in a computer program, produced higher-density areas, then matter, stars, galaxies and life. Lloyd's hypothesis bears important implications for the red-hot evolution–versus–intelligent design debate, since he argues that divine intervention isn't necessary to produce complexity and life. Unfortunately, he rushes through what should be the climax of his argument. Nevertheless, Lloyd throws out many fascinating ideas.

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