Review: The War of the Worlds

Date: Sun Dec 15 2013 Extraterrestrials, life elsewhere, and UFO's »»»» Popular Culture
The War of the Worlds is one of those stories that has stuck around since it was first told. It was originally released as a Science Fiction novel, later done as a Radio Theater program and even later as movies. It spawned several movies with the same theme but somewhat different plotlines.

I recently saw the most recent movie, the 2005 version starring Tom Cruise. Gawd what a waste of good acting. If they were going to make this movie then why didn't they stick with the story line??? Other than the title what actually happened in this movie had nothing to do with the real story. I suggest ignoring this movie completely.

The War of the Worlds I've not seen this version but Amazon's review makes it sound like they did a good job. It being 1953 I can't imagine the special effects were all that great. Still, they must have stuck to the storyline without butchering it, and did a good enough job to inspire the likes of Steven Spielberg.

War of the Worlds This is a rock opera version of the story, no kidding. I own a copy (apparently it's not available?) and it's good though long enough to be hard to follow. It appears to be available as a [amazon-item:B0009MAPUO|"hybrid SACD"] whatever that is.

War of the Worlds This is the version Orson Welles broadcast over the Mercury Theater radio program in the 1930's which caused the big uproar. I guess there's gullible people everywhere. And, a different version of that same broadcast.

The Complete War of The Worlds A printing of H.G. Welles original story along with the screenplay of Orson Welles broadcast.

The War Of The Worlds: Fresh Perspectives On The H. G. Wells Classic (Smart Pop series) Another printing of H.G. Welles book.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (25th Anniversary Edition) One of the Science Fiction movies inspired by the War of the Worlds. In WotW the planets secret weapon was the germs we humans had evolved among, but against which the attackers had no defense. In AotKT the secret weapon was a particular goofy kind of country music.

Mars Attacks! Another of the movies inspired by War of the Worlds.