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CAPTCHA, Captcha Pack, reCAPTCHA

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Review: Drupal 7 First Look

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Configuring Drupal blocks when using the Domain Access module

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Looking at (and a debugging tip) the Domain module for Drupal

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Participating in the global web of communication and comments

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Website nodes for Drupal as a key to building reference lists and footnoting

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Using views to publish both full and partial feeds in Drupal

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Using Views 2 in Drupal 6 to replace the Tracker module

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Using CCK's nodereference field for a kind of footnote

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A simple way to create a 'related posts' block using Views 2 in Drupal 6

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Review: Pro Drupal Development (second edition)

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Review: Drupal 5 Views Recipes

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Reducing bandwidth use, decreasing page load times, for better Drupal user experience

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How to use Mercurial to hack Drupal Core without killing kittens

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Fix for when Drupal's cron.php redirects to a page rather than run cron.php

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Feedback modules for Drupal

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Drupal layout mysteriously broken on Internet Explorer?

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Drupal disaster recovery with the Backup and Migrate module

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Creating a resources page in Drupal using a CCK content type

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Advanced drupal 6.x hierarchical taxonomy list pages

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Some critical articles to understanding implementing a CCK module in Drupal

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Improving navigability of Drupal taxonomy hierarchies

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Directory-like browsing of Drupal taxonomies

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Using views and taxonomy redirect to implement blog directory navigation

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Use a 'Sources' vocabulary to categorize the blog directory

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Cure for FAIL when using RedirectMatch with clean URL's on Drupal

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Transition Silicon Valley

(Thu Aug 13 2009)

Rich User Interfaces for Java ME, Project Capuchin (Sony/Erricsson), JavaFX

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Messaging & Notifications modules for Drupal

(Thu May 07 2009)

Installing Netgear's Open Source Wireless-G Router (WGR614L) w/o a Windows machine in sight

(Thu May 07 2009)

A strange Drupal error while running update.php: Call to undefined function: phptemplate_get_ie_styles()

(Mon May 04 2009)