The Animation Factory

Date: Wed Nov 14 2007
Animation Factory features over 400,000 animations, video backgrounds, PowerPoint templates, backdrops, and web graphics. Animation Factory's dedicated artists and staff members continue to produce thousands of the best and most useful animated and web designs on the Internet each month.

Want to spice up your email, web site or powerpoint presentations? Want something moving and eye-catching? Sure you do, but do you know how to create the animation yourself? Probably not.

That's where the Animation Factory comes in. They have a huge portfolio of animations available covering all sorts of subjects. Their animations are royalty free, allowing you to reuse them wherever you wish.

Further, you can customize the animations in many ways directly from their web site. Just click the "edit" button, and in that window you have menu choices letting you change various parameters. Once you're satisfied with your customized animation, you can save it.

They offer

  • Animations
  • E-mail stationary: which are predesigned templates for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and IncrediMail. The templates include backgrounds, text formatting, images or animations.
  • Media elements: What's a media element? It's a photograph, icon, web divider, button, and other graphics which can be used in web pages, presentations or other multi-media projects. Click on the category links to the left to browse our selection.
  • Tiled backgrounds: A tiled background is designed to fill a background by repeating itself until the background is full.
  • Backdrops: The full screen backdrops are designed to work as backgrounds in presentations and other digital media.
  • Powerpoint templates: Easy to use, professionally designed presentation templates. Great for businesses, schools, churches, healthcare facilities, professional speakers, celebrations, and weddings
  • Video backgrounds: High quality 720x480 video clips ready to use in your DVD, video, multimedia, or presentation software. Enjoy a wide variety of fun and exciting video backgrounds for use in your next home movie, video presentation, or TV broadcast.
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