Creating panoramic photographs

Date: Wed Nov 14 2007
I love panoramic photography. Maybe it has to do with having grown up in Kansas, because the main appealing feature of Kansas are the sweeping vistas that make one feel like you're seeing into forever.

Panoramic photography lets you create pictures that go way beyond the limits of the single frame your camera takes. The technique involves taking a series of pictures where the edges overlap, and then using software to "glue" the pictures together.

Most digital cameras include software for this, but that software is usually nigh on inadequate.

Get the Big Picture with a Little Camera Phone covers using a "camera phone" to create panoramas.

Autostitch is some highly regarded panorama software. Commercial versions: Autopano, Panorama Plus 2

Kekus offers several solutions for Mac's.

Adobe Photoshop Elements ([amazon-item:B000AP89JE|windows] [amazon-item:B000EJ9W0Q|mac]) includes panorama stitching

[amazon-item:B000BQX32K|Panorama Maker]