BSG S4.5E017: Someone to take care of me

Date: Sat Feb 28 2009 Battlestar Galactica
So.. just who is this piano player anyway. He appears in Starbuck's vision but isn't there when Tigh confronts Starbuck about where she learned the F'ing song. It appears likely the piano player is Daniel, and that Daniel was her father. It was nice seeing her as a little girl and there have been glimpses before that she knows a thing or two about arts such as poetry and now music. Very different from her current persona as a hard drinking steely eyed fighter jock.

If the renegade Cylons want to be part of the fleet should they be holding their own trials and convicting people on their own for treason? If they want to be part of the fleet shouldn't they be using the colonial's legal system? Or maybe not. Maybe the renegade Cylons can have a role within the fleet akin to how Native American tribes have their own laws and legal system?

It was interesting when Adama said something about not giving up on the old girl, that Laura Roslin started shaking in the background and that she apparently died at the end of the episode.

Towards the end of this episode Ellen & Saul Tigh are talking about someone who is manipulating all of them. I've written before that this 'Head' character is perhaps a ships of light person or some kind of angel presence. It's likely the piano player was an instantiation of the 'Head' character taking the form of Daniel.

"I don't know why I'm here".. seems we've heard Saul Tigh also say the same phrase.

Did Cavil & Boomer form a plan to have her go to the fleet and steal Hera? Carrying Ellen to the fleet could be a ploy to get Boomer into the fleet so she could have the opportunity to steal Hera. It may also be that Boomer fell prey to that emotion of a mother-wannabe who so longs for a child that she steals someone elses child. It just happens that in this case she's stealing the child from herself. Sort of.

A curious question is whether Boomer was simply manipulating Galen, or whether she honestly wanted to build a life with him. She showed him her fantasy house and this sealed him to working for her benefit and helping her accomplish the theft of Hera. Did she create that fantasy house out of honest desire to be with him? Or was it a construct meant to get Galen on her side? And gollygee was Galen on her side, abducting a random 8 from the painting crew, busting Boomer out of the hoosegow, helping Boomer sneak Hera off the ship, etc.

Why was Galen present at the meeting where Boomers extradition was signed? That he was present at the first meeting makes sense because it appears to be some kind of staff meeting, he was presenting some status, and then 6 was there for some reason. But the following meeting I cannot think of a reason for him to be there.

That song... Kara channels the song with her head character making it clear that the piano player was a head character, not a physical person, and that this head character has some connection to the song which woke up the Five. Listening to them playing the song it seemed plausible it was the same song Kara played while at her apartment in Valley of Darkness. Both songs were supposedly by her father who we're now thinking was Daniel. There is some similarity however they are not the same songs.

During the abduction when "Athena" is waiting for flight clearance... "Boomer this is Actual..." was that an accident or on purpose or just a continuity slip-up?

"If she jumps while inside the ship the spacial disturbance could tear the ships guts out"... Maybe so it kinda makes sense that there would be a spacial disturbance. But in the show they've shown ships jumping into the atmosphere without spacial disturbances. Doesn't fit very well.