BSG S4.5E016: Deadlock

Date: Sun Feb 22 2009 Battlestar Galactica
Returning to the traditional BSG opening from the abnormal opening in the last episode, we have a slower episode but still critical in finishing off the story. Obviously from last episode Ellen Tigh would return to the Fleet, and that the situation was set up for a strange confrontation between Caprica, Ellen and Saul. And sure enough that's what happened.

Interspersed throughout the episode is shots of the hull repair work going on, with Adm Adama looking incredulous at what's going on. Conspicuously in the front of the camera is a 6 in a work harness spackling goo on the hull, and clearly there will be a coming problem due to Cylons working on repairing Galactica. Adama hasn't shown himself to be very transparent in the past, in fact his past shows he tends to keep a lot of secrets and not tell the citizens of the fleet what's going on. It seems from Baltars statements in the episode that nothing has been said about the repairs being done to Galactica and the particulars of those repairs. Obviously there is a lot of friction within the fleet about the presence of the Cylon base star in their midst. What a wicked web we weave.

First thing we see (almost) in this episode is Jedi Master Luke Skywalker walking through Dogtown while the Marines are having a hard time handing out food. Luke? Uh? No, wait, it's a 6. Why is she in Dogtown? That isn't explained at all. It just happens. Why? And which 6 is it?

Cylon heavy raider flying with Vipers on CAP. More curiosity as to the ramifications of integrating Cylons with the fleet. They're meeting the Raptor that's carrying Ellen, in a scene that directly echo's Ellen's prior arrival in the fleet. And just how is Galen Tyrol able to look at Boomer and say she's Boomer? Has he learned a few things about his Cylon heritage?

But in the episode Saul Tigh has a great observation. That it's dangerous for Cylon & Human to live separately, and that it's better for Cylon & Human to learn how to live together. Oh and why oh why couldn't Saul make sure and tell her the important bit of news right away??? A large bit of the conflict in the episode comes from the way Ellen learned of Caprica's pregnancy, but this is one of those things there just isn't a good way to break the news, eh?

Another story thread is Baltar returning to his Concubinery. Only to find that the flock had a new shepherd. Like when he found his desire to hold political office when it was about to be taken away from him, now that he has a rival in leading his flock he makes a big effort regain leadership. Except he follows a bit of a foolish path, putting him in conflict (again) with the Sons of Ares.

His foolish path leads him to a curious request. Head 6 leads him, again, to ask for weapons. The last time Head 6 made him ask for weapons he got a nuclear bomb which a physical 6 later used to blow up Cloud 9. Which leads me to wonder about Head 6's agenda, is Head 6 again steering Baltar to facilitating something that will kill humans? Baltar's people now have serious weapons, meaning he has an army. Supposedly it's so they can protect themselves from the Sons of Ares but what else will happen?

Why did Kara ask "Hey when did you get a piano".. her father was a pianist. Was her father Daniel the Cylon?

Where is the clear minded Ellen from last episode? This Ellen is like the bubble headed schemer of prior times, the one I really disliked. The Ellen from last episode I found interesting and likable. But not this one.

Ellen steered events to demonstrate something to Caprica 6. And it's interesting how every time Saul's loyalty to and love of Caprica 6 is in question the baby has a response. When Ellen & Saul have sex, the baby goes into crisis. Then when Ellen's scheme blows up it puts Caprica into sick bay.