Review: UFO's, the Secret History

Date: Mon Dec 23 2013 Extraterrestrials, life elsewhere, and UFO's »»»» Oddities »»»» UFO Information
UFO's, Unidentified Flying Objects, have been the subject of ridicule. And, like in any field, there are a number of UFO claims that seem outrageous at the least, if not outright fraudulent. However, there are many UFO claims that are based in solid evidence, with credible witnesses, etc. The whole subject is interesting and intriguing.

UFOs the Secret History : The Secret HistoryThis book attempts to be a comprehensive history of the most credible of the UFO events.

The book is organized by years, for example the years 1947-1948 was the seminal years for modern UFO sightings, and is covered in Chapter 3, "How it all Began".

The book is full of photographs, original documents, stories, all related to the UFO sightings it covers. Additionally it goes back into history showing some indications from our ancient history that the UFO phenomena is not at all new, but dates back millenia.