Review: Soul & Silicon

Date: Mon Dec 23 2013 Humanity »»»» Silicon Valley »»»» Spirituality »»»» Computers
Soul and Silicon: Spirits in a High-Tech WorldAs I've said, I have lived in Silicon Valley for over 15 years, the whole time partaking with the peculiar life of the technology industry centered here. As someone who is also having a spiritual journey, I was drawn to this book. I wanted to understand a little about the interface between spirituality and the technology we work on here.

As it discusses in the book, technological development is very scientific and head-oriented. The scientific method leaves very little room for spiritual ideas. The head-orientation means that we develop the technologies using mental prowess, through reasoning and deduction, and trying combination after combination until we find what works. This leaves very little room for spiritual expression.

This book explores the spiritual life of dozens of people who live and work in Silicon Valley. It does this through capsulized stories outlining their spiritual paths and experiences.

For example a hard charging sales person is on a sales visit in South Carolina. She was under heavy stress on this sales visit, as it would be a big deal for her company. Unable to sleep due to the worry, she felt a presence come to her whom she recognized as being akin to The Holy Spirit, and the spirit comforted her so that the next day she was calm, relaxed, and did well in the sales presentation. That was what began her spiritual journey.

What I believe, after several years of my own journey, is that the spiritual side to our selves is always there. I remember early in my quest receiving messages of "we (the guides) have been with you always, patiently waiting for you through the eons to take up your spiritual quest". It doesn't matter how far we stray into head-oriented work of logic and reasoning, the spiritual self is there, waiting patiently for us to awaken and notice this part of our selves.

Until we awaken to our spiritual self, we are split. The split is between the ignored spiritual self, and the part that's left, for example the logic and reasoning. Such a split is a great pain inside, as if we are cut in half. This split is widespread in our modern society, due to the great esteem we hold the accomplishments of science.