A clothes washer for a small place

Date: Tue Dec 24 2013 Humanity
Avanti Eco-Egg Mini Washing Machine - 1 eaI used to live in a tiny house, and desparately wanted a way to wash my clothes at home so I could avoid all those trips to the laundrymat (and the expense!!).

I looked at the a couple machines, but they were expensive and I couldn't get past the sticker shock.

This one, the Eco-Egg, looks interesting. It connects to the faucet, which is easily accomplished with a gizmo you attach to the end of the faucet. Since it's so inexpensive it can't have its own heater, so must be relying on the quality of your hot water as it comes out of the faucet. It also cannot have any drying function, so you will have to come up with a way to drip-dry your clothes.