Cell phone radiation chart

Date: Tue Dec 24 2013 Cell Phones

Cell phones are great, no doubt about it. It's oh-so-very-convenient to carry one all the time, so much so that I do not have a regular phone line at home any longer, and use my cell phone as my sole-solitary phone.

At the same time there's this worry of damage due to the radiation. I've been seeing articles discussing DNA effects and more. So obviously it would help to keep the signal strength low on ones cell phone, to minimize whatever risk is there.

Fortunately the US Government has been recording the radiation levels from cell phones. Unfortunately the data is hidden behind a very obtuse and difficult to use query interface on an FCC website. Fortunately C|NET comes to the rescue with a complete chart showing the radiation levels for a huge number of cellphones.

Cell phone radiation levels Comparison charts by manufacturer (By CNET staff (Updated March 2, 2005))