The tweet composer widget that will blow your mind

Date: Mon Dec 31 2012 social-networks
Ever find yourself reading a cool article, you want to share it, but you can't think up the perfect tweet?  Theoretically it's best to compose an interesting tweet, rather than just tweeting the article title.  But are you inventive enough to compose the tweet?

The SavePublishing bookmarklet could be your savior.

It's a bookmarklet, meaning you're adding a bit of JavaScript code to the bookmarks bar.

While viewing an article simply click the bookmarklet.  It does some magic and highlights a few phrases from the article.  You click on the one you want, and it pops up a Twitter dialog all set up to make the tweet happen.

Their privacy statement is interesting:

SavePublishing does not: Know who you are, or what your Twitter account handle is. It uses no cookies. We may track usage, but we'll never track you.