Meta-tags on Drupal content

Date: Thu Jan 01 2009 Drupal
I've never used META tags on any of my sites but many people swear by them. A META tag appears in the HEAD section of an HTML page and is supposed to give keywords related to the content of the page. See Meta Tags for general documentation on them.

Integrated Metatags, -- "allows you to expose node data in META-tags on full-page node views. Node, taxonomy, and user information are all available out of the box, with the option to name the selected data however needed. Any data can be combined into a comma-separated list as a single Metatag as well." Sounds like that could be very useful in that it will automagically pull stuff out of a page content using it for META tag content.

Nodewords, - has a similar purpose but appears to be a forward port from some ancient version. I would veer away from this one at this time.

Using Integrated Metatags

Installation is normal, unpack the .tar.gz file into sites/all/modules and enable the module. However configuration is more than a bit obtuse (at the moment). (neither the project page nor README are helpful, see

Integrated Metatags only displays values on node pages, not on generated lists nor on views.

There are three places to configure settings related to Integrated Metatags.

admin / Site Configuration / Integrated Metatags: Contains global settings for the module. You can pretty much leave this alone however one important setting is the maximum size for fields. It's felt important to keep meta tags relatively small and you may wish to limit the number of words.

In this settings area the following phrase appears multiple times: To use this, you must first create a Metatag with the name of ... It is not documented how to 'create' a metatag and I had to work it out from reading the code and doing database queries. Read below for my findings.

admin / Content Management / Integrated Metatags: Creates metatag fields of two kinds.. static and dynamic. It's more than a little obtuse how to use this, so I've placed some documentation below.

admin / Content Management / Content Types / the Metatags tab for each content type: Each content type has its own settings which can be set. There is a 'Metatags' tag in the edit page for each content type. You can choose to 'inherit' metatags settings from the main metatags settings page.

Configuring Static Metatag entry

This is one section in the metatag configuration screens. You enter into the textarea values which will be put into <META> tags using this format


The name is used in the <META name= > portion of the tag, while value is used in the content= portion. The value can include dynamically derived values listed in the Available Tokens section immediately below.

For example you might use:

keywords|[term], [user-name]

However these static tags seemed less than useful.

Configuring Dynamic Metatags

Below the static metatags are dynamically defined ones.

There is a popup list containing node data which can be extracted. Simply choose one of those, enter a value into the name box, and click Add. Remember to also click the Save button.

The Combine button is probably helpful if you enter multiple lines using the same name. Without combine one <META name= content= > tag is generated for each row of this table. However when combine is checked, each row with the same name will be combined into a single <META name= content= > tag.