Google's Adsense

Date: Fri Nov 09 2007
Google operates a fabulous advertising program. Adsense and the companion Adwords program are together one of the most inventive advertising vehicles ever put together. By using the power of their search engine technology, Google knows the topic of your web pages, and to provide advertising closely fitting the unique content of each individual web page on your site. Not only does Adsense bring in revenue to support you in building your site, it is also a great service you offer your visitors helping them connect directly with highly relavent products and services. Perhaps the most inventive aspect to Adsense and Adwords is lowering the barriers so that anybody with an idea and a few dollars can launch a highly targeted global advertising campaign.

If you browse around this web site you'll see the Adsense advertising on the right hand side of every page. Watch as the advertising changes to match the topics of each web page. Magical, eh? One site I read about Adsense claimed this made for a revolution in advertising, because advertisers could now reach their exact target audience whereas in the past they had to do blanket advertising in hopes that a small percentage of the audience was actually interested in their message.

I don't know about you, but for myself if I'm going to be subjected to advertising as I'm reading a web site, or anywhere else for that matter, I'd rather the advertising be relavent to my needs. What I see while browsing my own sites is, the Adsense advertising chosen for my page usually interests me which tells me it's going to be useful to my visitors as well.