nodeformpopup - Simplified posting capabilties

Date: Sat Nov 03 2007
nodeformpopup Offers a capability I recently realized I want, and which was lacking. What I recently found the need for is a quick way to make postings of certain kinds. For example I have been using the extension to firefox to post links on my two accounts. It's quick and eacy, just click the TAG button, enter a few bits of information, click submit, and you're done.

Comparatively posting on my Drupal site meant opening another browser tab, and copying and pasting stuff back and forth, etc. A bit more of a hassle, enough that I often don't do it.

With nodeformpopup it creates for you a thingy you can put in your bookmarks that automagically pops up a form to make a posting on your site. In Firefox the bookmark can be visible in the toolbars, making it almost as convenient as the extension.

They say nodeformtemplate adds some useful capabilities but it's not entirely clear.

Configuration of nodeformpopup is a little screwy. There's no standalone administration screen so I had a hard time figuring it out.

What I eventually found is a setting in each content type which determines whether there is a bookmarklet. Go to Administer / Content / Content Types and edit one of the content types. You will find a section which lets you enable nodeformpopup for that content type.

Once you enable it for a content type, a 'Bookmarklets' choice appears in the menu. Click on that and you're given a list of links which are the bookmarklets. In Firefox I simply drag the desired bookmarklets to the bookmark toolbar.