Conflict between WYSIWYG and Line break converter

Date: Wed Oct 10 2007
By default Drupal uses the Line break converter to make it easier on authors to enter text. This filter looks for blank lines in a node, and turns the neighboring blocks of text into paragraphs. This makes it so an author simply enters a blank line between paragraphs and it's all very simple and straightforward.

Plain textarea widgets make for a poor editing experience that's a throwback to the 1980's. This has led to many attempts in the Drupal community to incorporate WYSIWYG editors into editing node and comment content. There are many different pseudo-WYSIWYG editors written in javascript which replace textarea widgets with an editor that looks something like a word processor.

Under the covers these pseudo-WYSIWYG editors all edit HTML code.

Most (or all) of these pseudo-WYSIWYG editors do not understand the significance of the blank lines. They do not render blank line separated paragraphs as paragraphs, but instead run the paragraphs together.

This means a site with existing content written using Line break converter will be unable to accomodate the pseudo-WYSIWYG editors. Or, if such a site wants to use them, it must convert its content so the blank lines are replaced with <p> tags.