Making money through Facebook pages, Facebook advertising, and promoting content through Facebook

Date: Sun Dec 06 2015 Make money with a web site »»»» Facebook »»»» Affiliate Marketing
Since Facebook is the largest of the "Social Media" websites - with over a billion user accounts - those of us who want to make money by spreading information to others must understand how to effectively reach into Facebook to reach an audience. There are many potential outcomes we wish to achieve by publishing information. It may be to convince others of a certain cause, for example, but no matter what you're doing it's necessary to have an income to support your livelihood.

Make Money Messing About on Facebook in Your Spare Time: This course promises "a simple, laid back approach to making money in your spare time without spending one single penny". Since that sounds too easy, a scan through the table of contents will tell you something about the goal of the course: a) build a facebook page, b) fill the page with suitable content, c) post affiliate links into the page. While those are pretty simple straightforward concepts, the trick of course comes in the implementation. To that end the course instructs you on:

  • Create exciting and interesting Facebook pages with ease
  • Learn which niches and topics are magnets for attracting followers
  • Discover the best options for making money on Facebook
  • Learn about an awesome free tool for monetizing Facebook
  • Get amazing Facebook cover images for free
  • Learn exactly how to monetize Facebook pages without losing followers
  • Find out how to turn a part-time income into a full-time income or more

How to Easily Create Viral Content on Facebook for Profit: Another thing many of us want is a Viral facebook posting - those posts that others will share and share and share, because that spreads your message further, and gives more opportunity for traffic into whatever it is you're offering. The way to create viral stuff is tricky, however. This course promises to help you:

  • Discover 1000's of viral niches
  • Never make the mistake of choosing the wrong niche
  • Learn how to create a proven viral headline in 60 seconds
  • Get free viral images on tap
  • Create your own unique viral images
  • Quickly tap into the most popular viral content from around the Internet
  • Easily find tons of viral content for your chosen niche
  • Turn your newly learned skills into profit
  • Influence 10's of 1000's of people

Going by the table of contents, the high level view is: a) choosing a viral niche topic, b) entertaining content, c) creating viral content, d) finding unusual images