Some notes on building a podcast or blog aggregation network

Date: Thu Aug 02 2007
Given the new wave of publishing RSS/Atom feeds, it offers a new capability to the Internet infrastructure. It offers a much more democratic and fluid environment for distributing news and information. The old model is centralized and controlled vehicles for disseminating news, such as the wire services which distribute news stories for broadcast and print around the world. RSS/Atom feeds allow a different and more open way to achieve the same purpose.

An aggregation network takes data through RSS/Atom feeds and uses it to build a website which acts as a concentrator of articles. Ideally an aggregation network focuses on a given topic, bringing together pointers to articles and the like on that given topic. However the ideal isn't always followed, and there are many sites which grab as much content as they can, using RSS/Atom to automatically build large sites based on other peoples writing, and wrap advertising around the result.

What's covered in these pages are the ethical and appropriate way to build a blog or podcast aggregation network.