The family of "Podcast Directories For Sale"

Date: Mon Jun 11 2007
Podcast Directories For Sale has developed a software package to allow someone to build a podcast directory. They claim this is "rare" software, and maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. In any case they are running a business of selling web sites to people who want to run podcast directories.

One is the Personal Growth Podcast Directory which specializes in, er, Personal Growth. The topic areas cover alternative health, spiritual development, motivation, emotional wellbeing, and more.

The index uses a single level hierarchy of topic categorization. In addition to the topic index they have a "tag" system to offer a second way to access and find podcasts.

The web site, well, maybe they're having a bad day today, but it seems rather flaky in that every other page I click on fails to load, but if I ask my web browser to reload then it loads correctly. I've given up trying to figure out this site since it's responsiveness is so bad.