BSG S4.5E014: Blood on the Scales

Date: Thu Feb 12 2009 Battlestar Galactica
Finishing off the coup with a bang. The episode picks up where the previous one left off, seeing the aftermath of the grenade thrown at Adama and Tigh. They survived. Maybe the grenade was more bang than boom? In any case this put Adama and Tigh in custody, and lead to a hilarious-to-watch series of confrontations between Adama and Gaeta. Gaeta is of course intent to take back his ship and every step of the way he's forcing responsibility and scorn in Gaeta's direction. It seems Adama's strategy was to keep up emotional pressure on Gaeta because he believed the rebellion would fail because the leaders were not capable.

I'm sure that to actually live through such moments would have taken huge courage and determination. However watching Adama baiting Gaeta and the things he says, hilarious.

Another thread is the confrontation between Zarek and Gaeta, and their disagreement over how to conduct the coup. Zarek seems intent on sweeping away the old order and this means killing the representatives of the old order. It seems to me it wouldn't be enough to simply remove them from office and let them live, because if they lived they would have claim to the office. His rhetoric, further, has been to drastically reshape the whole of the society in a new order. To Zarek I think that office holders are preserving the continuation of the office they hold, if you want to end that office then it's required to do away with the office holder. Hence he may not have liked having to kill the Quorum but knew in order to achieve his end goal they had to die. But that was a very shocking scene, especially the coldness with which it was performed, and the coldness of showing Gaeta the cost of his decisions.

It seems that some of the mutineers had second thoughts throughout the conduct of the mutiny. Most especially former-Cpt. Kelly. He had formerly been brig'd over conducting a bombing and sabotage spree due to presence of cylons in the fleet. Clearly he deeply hated the cylons, but when one of his best friends turned out to be a cylon... well. The scene between him and Tirrol was precious. The remaining human society had been a society of 50 billion people but all that remained was the 37,000 or so. All that remained was essentially the population of a small town, and of course everybody knows everybody. When there's a fight such as this those doing the fighting likely know each other, and may be friends. Hence we have Galen meeting Aaron in the weapons storage locker, and they happen to be on opposite sides of this current conflict, and Aaron happens to hate the race which Galen is, but they happen to be great friends with a long history of friendship and in the end that wins out.

Romo Lampkin is back with some great scenes. "I don't suppose anybody will remember to feed my dog" indeed! It can't have felt good to be brought into a ship undergoing mutiny, to serve as "defense" council in a kangaroo trial. But he knows when to surrender to the inevitable and do the best with the hand he's dealt. And there are two interesting scenes where he pushes the point of a pen. As a lawyer his weapon is the word and the pen, and in one scene he's convincing Adama to sign a statement and the camera angle shows the pen being put down point first. In another scene however he turns the pen into a literal weapon, using it to kill his guard.

Apparently the shooting of Sam Anders will have a significant effect on the rest of the series. A wound like that to the neck likely means Sam is paralyzed, if he survives. What does this mean?

There was an enigmatic scene at the very end. Galen Tirrol had been sneaking around the ship especially through the air ducts. He ended up in the machine room in some kind of control corridor related to the FTL drive, and in the nick of time was able to take the FTL offline. This prevented the Galactica from jumping away and avoided dividing the fleet. We'd never seen the machine room and hence it was interesting to see their conception of what the machine room would be. A bunch of machines moving around, who knows whether there is any basis to what was shown.

The enigmatic thing was a section of wall he looked at while relaxing after shutting down the FTL drive. It's a wall with a couple creases in it, and the wikipedia entry claims this is structural damage (gouges) in a wall. To me however it looks like this wall is a membrane and that perhaps they had already begun growing the cyborg modifications to Galactica's engine room.

Recall that their plan was to convert the fleet's ships to have Cylon FTL drives. It wasn't said what that meant, however every Cylon ship shown so far has been a cyborg. Cyborg being a biological and mechanical combination. It follows to reason that FTL drives would also be cyborg and that the membranes already shown in other parts of Cylon ships would also be in the FTL drive as well.