Rewatching Battlestar Galactica, Season 2

Date: Wed Jan 14 2009 Battlestar Galactica
Getting ready for the launch of BG Season 4.5 and am rewatching the prior seasons. I just finished watching season 2.

Some high points are --

It's a very hard hitting series, amazing.

Just how is it these people are able to live so richly when they're on the run and don't have a proper economy to provide them their resources? That is, from where do they get the resources for the richly appointed & stocked bars they show on Cloud 9? It can't all be supplies on freightors that happened to be in flight during the original Cylon attack, and if it is those supplies are likely to be skimpy and how can those supplies possibly have lasted for the months these humans have been on the run?

Okay, the TV show doesn't have the space to show every molecule of activity within the fleet. Perhaps there is more going on, for example there are a couple ships shown with bubbles for growing food. Maybe those ships are having enough production to keep the fleet stocked with food. And in other episodes they're shown being able to get algae and process it into something which looks like food. And if that's their main source of food then wouldn't that make even more poignant the chimera of a planet to live on which they find in Lay Down Your Burdens: Part 1 & 2.

The foreknowledge shown by head 6 is still a puzzle. Just what is head 6 and how does head 6 have knowledge of actions taken elsewhere. In Scattered she is shown with foreknowledge of Hera, the baby born from Helo and the 8 who later becomes Athena. And then there's the head Baltar.. oh my. But while head 6 claims to be an angel from God it/she seems to have an agenda and seems to be making partial disclosures to Baltar.

The relationship between Tigh and his wife Ellen is especially interesting considering how his later relationship with Caprica 6 forms. They're shown as Ellen fighting with and smacking Col Tigh, and that is what turns him on with at least one episode where in the middle of being slapped around he starts kissing her leading to sex. Uh... sick? Anyway this is what later happens between him and Caprica 6 when he is attempting to interrogate her, but instead it turns into a sexual relationship with Caprica 6 becoming pregnant.

The final five Cylons were alive and present in the fleet by the slimmest of chances. Yes they were not revealed until season 4 but by the end of season 2 they are all present and accounted for (though unaware of who they are). Just how was it that Tory or Samual T Anders or Tigh or Tyrol or mystery-cylon-5 going to be assured they would survive and all be present in the fleet? Especially Anders who was still trapped on Caprica, but required Starbuck's finding and rescuing him.

Scattered: With Adama in sickbay, Tigh is forced to take command of Galactica, but is quickly plunged into a crisis when the fleet and Galactica jump to separate locations.

Valley of Darkness: A Cylon boarding party wreaks havoc throughout the ship, while the stranded crewmen on Kobol struggle to stay alive.

Fragged: Tigh, overwhelmed by the responsibilities of command, deals with the growing political tension throughout the fleet.

Resistance: Tigh's imposition of martial law sparks protests in the fleet. Meanwhile, Starbuck and Helo discover additional survivors on Caprica.

The Farm: Adama and Roslin fight for the hearts and minds of the fleet's population, as Starbuck finds herself trapped in a supposed resistance hospital.

Home: Part 1 & 2: With Starbuck's return, Roslin begins her quest to find the Tomb of Athena, while Adama struggles to replace crewmen lost to Roslin's mutiny. Roslin and her followers continue their search for the Tomb of Athena on Kobol as Adama travels there to reunite the fleet.

Final Cut: An ambitious journalist in the fleet is given unlimited access to Galactica and her crew.

Flight of the Phoenix: Galactica's crew fights to contain a Cylon computer virus spreading throughout the ship while Tyrol launches a project to build a new fighter.

Pegasus: With the arrival of the Battlestar Pegasus, the fleet is exuberant. However, Adama soon worries about Admiral Cain, Pegasus's commanding officer and Adama's superior, in command of the fleet.

Resurrection Ship: Part 1 & 2: The conflict between Galactica and Pegasus is put on hold with the discovery of a vital Cylon ship. The battle to destroy the Resurrection Ship begins as both Adama and Cain make plans to seize complete command of the military.

Epiphanies: Roslin lies on her deathbed, recalling her last day on Caprica with startling revelations. Meanwhile a group of sympathizers want to make peace with the Cylons.

Black Market: The death of a senior Colonial officer prompts Apollo to lead an investigation into the rampant black market in the fleet.

Scar: Starbuck's mental state is in question as Galactica's fighters are hunted by a veteran Cylon raider known as "Scar".

Sacrifice: Terrorists take hostages aboard Cloud 9, demanding the handover of the Cylon onboard Galactica.

The Captain's Hand: Apollo and Starbuck struggle with the overbearing new commander of Pegasus as Roslin makes a decision on a very hot political issue following the arrival of a stowaway on Galactica.

Downloaded: Roslin and Adama struggle to decide what to do with the Cylon/Human hybrid as Sharon goes into labor. Meanwhile, Caprica-Six and Boomer are downloaded and reborn on Caprica.

Lay Down Your Burdens: Part 1 & 2: With the presidential elections weeks away, a new discovery could turn the entire election around. Meanwhile, Starbuck leads a team back to Caprica to rescue the resistance fighters. With the elections underway, Starbuck returns from her mission along with a Cylon who delivers an unexpected message to Adama and Roslin.