New Wordpress plugin: External links nofollow, open in new tab, favicon

Date: Mon Sep 21 2015 Wordpress
wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb.pngI've just release my first Wordpress plugin - External links nofollow, open in new tab, favicon. It was an interesting process getting to this point. The plugin is focused on improving external links - with the initial round of features being a) controlling nofollow/dofollow on a per-domain basis, b) adding icons so visitors know they're seeing an external link, c) causing clicks on the link to open into a new tab. I started on this plugin thinking solely about the nofollow/dofollow support, since none of the existing plugins did it the way I wanted it done. But as I reviewed other plugins including Drupal modules these other features made sense as well.

I've got some ideas for further features including

  • Rewriting urls to add affiliate codes for certain outbound URL's
  • Outbound click tracking
  • Add a warning page saying "You are about to visit _____ "

To make suggestions either go to the plugin page on, or the Issues page on the Github repository