First world problems in the hotel lobby, do they mean we're unprepared for real problems?

Date: Wed Apr 30 2014 Social Collapse »»»» First World Problems
This typical scene in a hotel lobby gives me little hope for humanity if we really have to face a significant problem:

MAN1: ... I explained to you, the price shown by the app for a room at this very hotel is $50 a night, why do you say the price ...

CLERK: Sir, as I explained to you earlier, I don't know how the app determines those prices. All I can tell you is what the booking computer tells me, and those rates are set by the hotel chain management. If you want a room let me know, or else I'll give it to one of these people waiting.

MAN1: Hrmph.. okay, then, I just clicked the ORDER button on my iPad to rent the room shown here for $50. Now you have to give me the room at that rate.

CLERK: Sir, as I explained to you earlier, I cannot honor such a reservation until it arrives on this computer screen. In the meantime there is only one room left, and if you don't want to proceed with booking the room there are people waiting behind you.

MAN1: Don't you see that I've already booked the room? It's here on my screen!

MAN2: Hey, haven't you heard what the clerk said?

CLERK: Whatever is on your iPad screen doesn't matter until it arrives on my screen, Sir. Do you want to book this room or not?

MAN1: I already booked the room, so let's get on with the paperwork thing!

MAN2: Groooooannnnn

CLERK: Sir, no you haven't booked the room. Again, until it arrives here I cannot recognize that booking.

MAN1: NO! I have booked the room, let's do the paperwork!

CLERK: Sir, please step aside. You obviously do not want to cooperate..

MAN1: (Interrupting) I do too want to cooperate, I'm beyond cooperating, it's YOU who are being PIGHEADED. Let's get on with the paperwork!


CLERK: Sir, I have been very patient with you. Calling me names does not help, neither does twisting the facts. The fact is that whatever you did on your iPad has not sent anything here to my computer. There are other people waiting patiently.

MAN2: Hey man, just give it up, either crap or get off the pot.

MAN1: Don't you all understand? I've already booked the room, it says so right here!

MAN2: No, you idiot, the CLERK has already explained that doesn't mean a thing.

CLERK: Please move aside, Sir, and let me deal with the other people waiting.

MAN1: No! I've booked this room, let me have it!


CLERK: Wait, a booking just arrived for John Smith. Is that you, sir?

MAN5: That's ME! Let me through!

MAN1: What?!?!? No, that's not me, and I already booked this room.

MAN5: You idiot, while you were arguing with the CLERK, I went ahead and booked the room.

MAN2, MAN3, etc: (Laughing and Grumbling)

MAN1: THIS ISN'T FAIR! I was first in line, and already booked the room! I demand that you give it to me.

CLERK: I already explained to you several times, Sir, what counts is what's here in the hotel booking computer. Your booking never made it onto my screen.

MAN5: Out of the way!

MAN1: NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I booked the room, it says so right here..

CLERK: Sir, step aside, this other gentleman has the booking.

WOMAN1: (Entering) Hey! our room is filthy, what kind of crappy hotel is this! We want to cancel!

MAN2, MAN3, etc: (start filtering out)

MAN1: What about my room! I already..uh..what's this, it says BOOKING CANCELED..

MAN5: Out of the WAY!

CLERK: Sir, please step aside, Ma'am I'll get to you in a moment and process your cancellation.