What's the point of TV Turnoff Week?

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Okay, did Luann here get the idea? At tvturnoff.org they're suggesting we can "take control of technology" so that technology doesn't control us. They suggest doing this by excising TV from our life for a week.

As I wrote yesterday, I haven't watched TV or owned a TV for over 10 years. I don't miss television at all, and I've had the freedom to do a lot for my self improvement with the extra time that came into my life.

Let me encourage you to really try this out. It's just a week. Put a blanket over the television, unplug it, put your TV guide into the recycling bin without reading it, and see what comes of it. You can always go back to it next week if the addiction proves to be too strong for you.

What I suggest is you work with this as an awareness process. As you go through the week, what happens? Probably some kind of resistance will come up. Your ego is accustomed to the television, and your ego will want to stay in its accustomed routine. Stay with that promise you're making to yourself, and simply be aware of the feelings that come up. These feelings will give you hints as to why you're watching TV.

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