On way to node summit

Date: Sat Apr 26 2014
As noted earlier I am attending the node summit this week. It starts today and I am in transit at this moment. My plan is to make as many blog posts as possible for as many sessions as possible. Unfortunately I've already missed the opening session.

On my way up this morning I read news that Joyent, the supporter of Node.js, received more funding. Their plans are to build out their cloud app hosting service an aspect of which is Node.js. The service is based on the open source SmartOS that was derived from OpenSolaris. I suppose SmartOS is the hostile fork that had to have happened after Oracle de-opened Solaris.

Joyent FWIW has been working with Solaris since their inception. I recall having met Joyent people while working for Sun and being involved with Suns open source efforts.