#NodeSummit: Data Center Infrastructure Management

Date: Sat Apr 26 2014
Emerson is an electrical system company with over a hundred years of experience making electrical power management experience. Speaker is Baz Khuti

Their role in a data center is the power management, fire pump controller, surge protectors, cooling systems, power distribution units, the server racks and per-rack cooling, KVM systems, UPS, monitoring systems, etc. All these gizmos play a role in managing the power efficiency of the data center. For example in the rack are intelligent power strips that let you turn individual sockets on and off, show you the power consumption through a power socket, etc.

Traditional approach is to have three worlds; the application developers; the IT department; and the physical implementation in a data center. In the past these three aspects were kept separately perhaps with silo'd management.

Today the application and IT departments are merging to work together.

Data center growth is now restricted on the electricity you have available. Constraints are the physical layer, the data center.

New markets are appearing. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). Balances the efficiency and energy use and cost of running the data center. CIO's need to consider these factors in running applications that run the business. Traditionally facilities management have been separated from CIO by being in a different management chain.

Emerson's solution is their "Trellis Platform" - next generation DCIM

Provides KVM access to physical equipment, provides real time analytics to the edge of the system. A slew of DCIM specific network protocols that are exposed as management tools with pretty graphs and chargs.

Trellis is built on Node.js. Built for real time I/O intensive operation, low footprint, etc.

Most monitoring systems are implemented on a polling model and data stored in a historical database.

Trellis .. puts intelligence at the edge .. push model .. hardware and software engineered together .. real time decisions and analysis .. etc