Finally, an LED driven projector

Date: Sat Apr 26 2014 Portable Entertainment

For a few years I've been looking at video projectors. These projectors get used two ways, one is for presentations and they're usually connected to a laptop computer, the other is for DVD's and other video source, and they're connected to a DVD player, VHS player, TV tuner, or the equivalent. The design is generally the same, an old style extremely bright (and expensive) lightbulb shining through an LCD panel, the light focused through a lens, aimed at a projection screen.

One of the things, besides the sticker shock over the prices (even though they've been dropping) is concern over the bulb. Usually these bulbs cost well over $100 and last only a few hundred hours, Not Good. At the same time I know very well about high intensity LED's and their possibilities. So I've been waiting for someone to offer a projector that used LED's as the light source.

Why LED's? Well, it's simple, LED's are basically indestructable and use a tiny amount of power. The lamp ought to last nigh on forever, yet the thing ought to be cool enough (because of the low power requirement and general high efficiency) that a cooling fan ought not be needed.

Finally, one is being made. Mitsubishi's PocketProjector 8482