Engine Yard offering Node.js cloud hosting on the Engine Yard Cloud

Date: Sat Apr 26 2014 Hosting »»»» Cloud Hosting »»»» Engine Yard
Platform as a Service provider Engine Yard is now offering Node.js on the Engine Yard Cloud.  Readers of this blog already know, Node.js is a JavaScript based software development platform that runs in server environments.  The Engine Yard Cloud is a highly configurable system allowing deployment of Ruby on Rails, PHP and now Node.js applications.  The company claims its system "is optimized for building applications that scale to meet the requirements of startups to large enterprises".

“Node.js is a popular programming framework that is increasingly used by developers to create cloud-native applications,” said Yefim Natis, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “Using Platform as a Service, development teams can focus on building high performance mobile and Web business apps, instead of managing the underlying cloud infrastructure. As more companies seek to run applications in the cloud, PaaS is the preferred choice for enterprises and startups that want to achieve both cloud productivity and cloud scale.”

“We depend on Engine Yard Cloud to run our clients’ apps because we get the scalability and reliability we need. With support for additional frameworks like Node.js, our engineering team has increased flexibility and choice when building and deploying Web and mobile apps,” said Patrick Ezell, principal of COPIOUS, a premier digital agency. “We’ve been using Node.js on Engine Yard Cloud to develop a production app for NW Natural, the largest independent natural gas utility in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The combination of Node.js and the Engine Yard PaaS enables us to deliver an innovative high performance app that scales seamlessly across desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile.”

“As the leading PaaS provider, Engine Yard is proud to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to the developer community by supporting the latest technologies and offering a choice of frameworks and infrastructure as a service options,” said Bill Platt, VP, Operations at Engine Yard. “We continue to provide our customers with a superior platform, so they can build high performing Web applications that engage customers more effectively. Our platform provides the reliability, flexibility and deep expertise across Ruby on Rails, PHP and Node.js, empowering enterprises and developers to focus on innovation that drives business growth.”

Support for Node.js on Engine Yard Cloud will be available to customers within the next 30 days. For more information about Node.js on Engine Yard Cloud, please visit: http://www.engineyard.com/infographics/nodejs.