Battlestar Galactica series 4.5 coming, and the first of the webisodes

Date: Sat Apr 26 2014 Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is coming, really, perhaps sooner than some had thought -- in the latest Galactica Quorum was some surprise about how soon the final part of the final season will be. I started rewatching the entire series a while back and am in the middle of the first season. And on you can now find 10 webisodes they'll be publishing until the middle of January. The 'webisode' is something they ( have done in earlier inter-season gaps and I suppose it's meant to get people back into the swing of clanging hatches and fraking and cylon attacks.

The first webisode shows what may be the final days of one Lt. Felix Gaeta. We see him kissing another guy, presumably indicating that Felix is (gasp) gay. I suppose that isn't so shocking because of the way he's been played. The webisode shows Felix having hallucinations, with Col. Tigh telling him to take some R&R on the Zephyr. We also see Felix's friend giving him some Morpha, which may be causing the hallucinations. But there are little in the way of clues about the story.

The subtitles say this is 9 days after they found the devastated Earth. Given that the fleet is not in orbit this indicates they did not stay at the devastated Earth but decided to go elsewhere. With the scene they found at the end of S04E10, Revelations, I don't blame them for wanting to go elsewhere.

Another tidbit is that in Revelations there was a truce made between one Cylon faction and the humans, and in the webisode the fleet was shown still accompanied by a Cylon base ship but also having to escape from other Cylons.

The webisode shows flashes of a palm being cut in a fasion similar to when Athena jacked herself into the control computers. She was a fellow passenger on Felix's Raptor and it's likely she had intended to interface directly with the Raptor's computer so they could find the fleet. That's because in this webisode, during the Raptor's flight the other Cylons arrived, the fleet jumped, and the Raptor arrived at a location other than the rest of the fleet. Meaning the people on this Raptor obviously need to find where the fleet ended up.