phpMyBackupPro: No simpler backup for MySQL

Date: Fri Apr 25 2014 MySQL »»»» Database Backup

phpMyBackupPro is a utility which supposedly makes it easier to backup a MySQL database. The featureset includes

  • backup of one or several databases with or without data, table structure, ...
  • three types of compression (no compression, gzip or zip)
  • scheduled backups (by a small PHP script which must be included in an existing PHP script)
  • interface for managment of the backups (viewing, restoring, downloading, deleting)
  • backup directly onto FTP server and sending of backups by email
  • platform independent - only webserver and PHP needed to run e.g. on MS Windows, Linux or Mac
  • shell mode (to use manually or by cron script)
  • backup of whole file directories (on a FTP server).
  • backup databases from different accounts on several MySQL servers
  • one installation can be used for all MySQL users of one MySQL server (used by webhosters)
  • highest security through two alternative login methods (HTTP or HTML authentication)
  • easy to use interface and very easy to install
  • several language packages available
  • online help (included in pMBP) and FAQ on this website

While it's pretty simple to backup a MySQL database

mysqldump dbname >dbname.sql

the other features are good for administrative purposes.