Why the pressurized work life?

Date: Tue Dec 24 2013 Humanity »»»» Reviews »»»» Health
The Little Book Of StressI wonder why work-life is so highly pressurized? What's the gain of driving people to sickness?

Consider the heart attack rate ... this is a disease that arises partly from stress. Why do I say that? Because most heart attacks occur at 9:00 AM on monday mornings. Stress causes that, not eating too much cholesterol. I'm sure cholesterol must be a contributing factor, and that the medical people have studies to show that, but it's stress that causes 9:00 AM on Monday mornings to be the critical time for heart attacks. And, no doubt, stress causes different illnesses in other people, depending on what their bodies are susceptible to. For some people the weakness in their bodies is the heart (due to cholesterol), and for others it is other systems in their bodies.

The Little Book of Stress ReliefI am watching my sweetie melt down right now. She is brilliant, smart, witty, lively, and a joy to be with. She is finally in her "dream job", one she's been preparing and training for over a 12+ year period, including getting her PhD from MIT. Like I said, she's brilliant. Except, right now, the work environment she is in has turned into a high pressure meat-grinder, and she is melting.

What is to be gained by causing brilliant people to shrivel under pressure??

Don't the pressurizer people see the loss to humanity?