What is life like from the iPad?

Date: Thu Dec 12 2013 iPad »»»» iOS Devices
Like somewhere around a million other people I have bought an iPad. It's a beautiful piece of technology. I know better than to believe Steve Jobs when he gushes about a gizmo on stage but gosh browsing the web with this thing really is a beautiful experience. And the size is good, the weight is light enough to slip into the backpack I take to work, and not notice the iPad. That backpack already carries one laptop and if it carried two, that would be too much. With a laptop and iPad it's okay.

Is it life changing? That remains to be seen.

This post is being written with a blogging client running on the iPad. This gives the option of real blogging while on the go.

Amazon does make a Kindle app for this and hence since I was intrigued by the kindle but reluctant to buy a single purpose gizmo, I may now finally experience a Kindle book versus paper book.

Watching video podcasts and purchased TV shows is very nice. It's not nice in the 80" plasma TV extravaganza, but then I don't like that anyway. Instead it's a nice portable thing that can easily play the stuff I have in iTunes, with speakers loud enough to be useful, and a screen big enough for one or two people.

Way cool.