Supposed spookiness in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

Date: Mon Dec 16 2013 Spirituality
Okay, New Orleans has this voodoo reputation (such as shown in Angel Heart (Special Edition) or Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles). They can't escape that, it's been with them for far too long.

But this is an interesting occurrence in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Guardsmen Sense Ghostly Presence In New Orleans

This was presented by the local CBS News affiliate in New Orleans, and tells of observations by Army personell stationed in New Orleans. They're shacked up at the Sophie B. Wright Middle School, using it as a staging base for their rescue operations in New Orleans. Which means they've got troops camped out there every night, etc.

But the men in uniform have the feeling that they're not alone. It prompted a chaplain to utter this directive: "In the name of Jesus Chris, I command you Satan to leave the dark areas of this building."

Said Sgt. Robin Hairston of the California National Guard: "I was in my sleeping bag and I opened by eyes and in the doorway was a little girl. It wasn't my imagination."

Hairston wasn't the only one seeing things. Spc. Rosales Leanor had her own close encounter.

"I was using the restroom and I just saw a little shadow," Leanor said. "Kind of looming in front of me."

The article also describes two instances of bibles being found among the wreckage, and the bibles opened to the same passage in the Book of Revelations.

At a Baton Rouge marina, boats were strewn like trash, but not a shred of paper could be found. Except for the pages of a Bible that was found by a soldier. It was open to the Book of Revelation.

At a nearby church, nearly destroyed, another Bible was found, showing the exact same passage from Revelation.

The email I received about this claimed the passage was in Chapters 10 and 11 which concern a flood which washes away a whole city. However, the specific passage is not mentioned in the CBS affiliate report. I've done a bit of searching trying to find where someone might have said definitively which passage, but cannot find it. Instead I find many wondering just which passage, and several speculating on certain passages including the aforementioned chapters 10 and 11, as well as a specific verse in chapter 22.