Review: The secret language of signs

Date: Mon Dec 23 2013 Spirituality
Whether we realize it or not, the universe is conversing with us in a symbolic language. The shamans describe the world as a shared dream, and hence it is possible to interpret what happens to us in the world in the same sort of symbolic fashion as dream interpretation.

Secret Language of SignsThis book discusses that phenomena.

How does this work? It's like the action of coincidence or synchronicity.

One day when Rick was leaving for work, his front door was jammed. He had to throw his entire weight against it to get it open. Then, has he tried to open the garage door, the remote control malfunctioned and he had to open the door manually. When he went to get into his car, he found the door lock obstructed and had to struggle to get it open. Realizing that the universe was trying to tell him something, he sat in his car in silence for a few minutes. In the stillness, as he tuned into his intuition, he felt that the signs were telling him not to leave home just at that moment. So he got out of the car and went back into his house. As he walked around, everhitng seemed in order. HOwever, as he entered the basement bathroom he became aware of a slight smell of smoke. Some bathroom tissues, which were in close proximity to an electric heater, had started to smolder. If left unattended, they most certainly would have burst into flame. Rick then realized that all the difficulties he'd had leaving his house had been messenger signs warning him of danger.

I believe the universe has intelligence everywhere, and that the universe itself is intelligent. That intelligence can inform us, talk to us, teach us, etc. But the universe doesn't have a voice or arms or anything we'd normally think of to allow conversation, instead the universe has available the things in the universe. The animals, plants, weather, our buildings, our objects, etc. All this can be used by the universe to give us messages.

In shamanism it is said the animals can carry signs to us. For example many Native American tribes think the presence of an owl means the approach of death. Or that the Coyote represents mischeif afoot.

That's what this book is about. A method of interpreting the symbology of the world around us, looking for the clues Spirit brings using that symbology.