Looking at Consert smart energy system, and Project FREEDM

Date: Thu Dec 12 2013 Clean Energy »»»» Renewable Energy »»»» Distributed Energy »»»» Solar Energy
"Dedicated to a secure and clean energy future, Consert Inc. is a thought and action leader in the design and implementation of intelligent energy distribution and management networks." Let's see what they mean.

Unfortunately their website says almost nothing about this. There's a banner in the top of the page saying they're about saving energy, saving money, saving natural resources, oh and saving the planet. Yeah, how? They talk about a free market solution built entirely through opt-in participation. The market would join all the players in the energy market in an intelligent and inherently stable network.

The proposed benefits sound good. Such as reducing energy cost and promoting green renewable energy.

The only real clue is that they are a voting member of the Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Industry Advisory Board.

As the FREEDM home page says, there are an abundance of renewable energy sources available. Large-scale utilization of distributed renewable energy resources would significantly improve U.S. energy security and independence, as well as global environmental health. In the FREEDM Systems vision, residential users will take charge of their energy needs with innovative solar panels, wind turbines, and electric/hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

They claim that the key to solving the energy crisis isn't the renewable energy itself, but the infrastructure for widespread distributed energy generation and consumption.

I suppose what they're saying is the existing energy grid, in the U.S., was designed assuming a few large power producers. If there are a zillion homes and businesses each with on-site solar panels feeding power into the grid, how will that power be managed?