Highly recommended calculus "text"

Date: Sun Dec 08 2013 It's a brave new world
In college I struggled with Calculus. I'm no dummy, I score as a genius IQ on those kind of tests. Yet Calculus and I didn't get along.

As a computer science major I was required to take Calc I, II and III though for some reasons the fourth semester (Differential Equations) were not required, for me. I ended up taking each of the I, II and III semesters three or four times each. Yup, a genius IQ and I have to retake core cirricula like Calculus several times.

I think there's something wrong with that picture. Looking back I understand that every branch of mathematics was formed because some scientist had a problem, e.g. a physics researcher trying to understand how/why some particles moved in a certain way. To solve their problem they had to invent a new branch of mathematics.

But move forward 50 years and the branch of mathematics gets taught disconnectedly from the problem which spawned the branch of mathematics. Somewhere along the way I heard a quip from someone that they learned the most mathematics from their physics professor, and the most physics from their mathematics professor.

That may be ... but what drew me to write this is a remniscience of how I finally passed first semester Calculus.

I had already taken the class 3 times and just wasn't getting it. Then I found this book: Prof. E. McSquared's Fantastic Original and Highly Edifying Calculus Primer.

Inside the covers of that insane book I found the solution to my Calculus woes. At least for first semester.

The book is written in a "comic" style, that is, with Professor Reddy E McSquared and a cast of cohorts taking a wild journey through mathematical conundrums. It teaches Calculus in the most fun manner you can imagine, and it turned a dreaded subject into lots of fun. Once I "got" it I spent the rest of that semester happily integrating and differentiating, and easily got a good grade.

Apparently the book has been updated with intergalactic travels and a few bug fixes. In any case all I can say is three thumbs up.