Google launching their Analytics service

Date: Mon Dec 16 2013 Website Promotion
Google has a new webmaster oriented service that's just launched. A few months ago they had bought Urchin, a company providing a website traffic analysis service, and it is this service which Google has rebranded as Analytics.

I've just signed up for the service on this site, and if you're eagle eyed as the page loads you'll see requests to

I've begun an overview of Google Analytics and will expand on that as I analyze Analytics.

Bumpy start for Google analytics giveaway (By Elinor Mills, Staff Writer, CNET, Published: November 16, 2005, 1:11 PM PST)

The C|NET article sounds like sour grapes. It quotes a handful of people saying the launch was bumpy, but really can't you expect that with a new service? It's interesting that the article make it sound like the initial popularity is greater than Google expected. Having done a brief once-over I can fully understand ... this is excellent stuff. On looking at the reports from just 1 day of traffic, I see much more detail than is in the packages I've been using.

I think Google has really raised the bar on excellence in traffic reporting.