Fixing things when your Drupal content fields don't display or you can't edit the field

Date: Fri Nov 01 2013 Drupal CCK »»»» Drupal Tutorial
Suppose you've added a field to a Drupal content type, but puzzlingly the field doesn't display on the node edit page? Or the field doesn't display when you view a node? Why would that happen? Maybe, you think, a custom themed node edit page simply didn't display the field? All kinds of ideas might come to mind while you're scratching your head wondering what might be going on. Adding a field to a content type should make it easy to edit and display data in that field, right?

What if your site has the Content Access, Content Permissions or Field Access modules installed? Each of these set up permissions as to which roles can add/edit/view given fields.

If one of those modules are installed, go to the User Permissions admin screen and enable permissions appropriately.

Trust me on this ...