The Buteyko method of breath retraining

Date: Wed Dec 18 2013 Health
The Buteyko Institute and its member practitioners are committed to advancing the management of asthma, sleep apnoea and other breathing related disorders through research, development, promotion and application of the Buteyko Institute Method.

That's a pretty interesting set of claims, especially to me who is a long time snorer.

The Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health web site is here:

I have yet to experience this methodology, so I cannot speak about this from experience. I can say that breathing correctly is very important to health. From a physical standpoint, complete breathing ought to help keep the lungs clear and improve the efficiency of exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide with your environment. But, wait, there's more, complete breathing also affects the flow of Chi between you and your environment.

The BIM is an educational program which is offered in a series of 5 ninety minute sessions within ten days and scheduled review sessions. Most courses involve small groups, but some BIM Practitioners offer individual classes where required.

As well as practising the breathing exercises taught by their Practitioner, course participants also learn how to monitor their breathing while engaging in daily living activities. These breathing retraining exercises enable course participants to normalise their breathing, to unblock the nose and to achieve comfortable nasal breathing. Once breathing has improved towards a normal level the Buteyko exercises can be reduced and eliminated.

It looks interesting, and the web site lists a bunch of scientific research. Check it out!