Aren't Google and Microsoft supposed to be fighting??

Date: Tue Dec 17 2013 Internet »»»» Silicon Valley
This weekend Mountain View is having its annual arts and wine festival. Castro street is chock full of booths all the way from Central to El Camino, food vendors at every intersection, wine and beer vendors all over, and arts and crafts booths as far as the eye can see. Oh, and new this year, the Dianetics looneys are giving free stress tests.

Anyway, the Wells Fargo parking lot is, as always, the kids zone. There's a stage with a singer trying to entertain the kids, booths selling shaved ice, another booth allowing kids to make sand-art jars, etc. But the most interesting thing about the kids zone?

The sign declaring the sponsorship of the kids zone? Well, both Google and Microsoft are sponsoring it. Somehow the stage is named after Microsoft, but the sign leading to the area has both companys names and logos.

Why, just last week (or was it the week before) Steve Ballmer promised to kill Google. That he'd done it before, and he was gonna do it again. If so.... why.... uh....?

And before you, the non-silicon-valley reader, get confused ... It's well known that Google is headquartered in Mountain View, just as its well known that Microsoft is headquartered in Redmond WA. However what's not so well known that Microsoft has a significantly sized campus in Mountain View, not far from Google's campus.

Microsoft's presence in Silicon Valley, to my knowledge, began when they bought both WebTV and Hotmail. WebTV had been headquartered in Palo Alto, while Hotmail was headquartered in Sunnyvale. I don't know what else Microsoft does in those buildings, but their campus here has around 6 buildings.