Simsimi: The Robot You Can Have a Real Conversation With Via Text

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Simsimi, an app for Android and iPhone users, is taking the world by storm. 2.7 million people are already using it, and that numberis expected to grow over the next few months as word spreads about this innovative and entertaining app. Simsimi is a robot that has the ability to converse with users about a wide variety of topics. Simsimi also has the ability to learn from each and every user it converses with. It stores information from all of its conversations. So, when you text Simsimi about a certain topic, it is able to converse with you based on the information about that topic it’s acquired from conversations with other users.

Simsimi simsimi online is a little like SmarterChild, the AOL Instant Messenger chat bot of the early 2000s, but it can converse about a much broader array of things. SmarterChild and other similar chat bots of olden times were only able to converse about what programmers established that they know, which was often general topics like the weather and current events. Simsimi online can converse about just about anything because its knowledge stems from conversations with everyday users.

If you’ve used Simsimi, you’ve probably noticed that some of its responses are pretty funny. Programmers want Simsimi to be useful and entertaining, so don’t be surprised if Simsimi  has you ROFL. For instance, when you ask a question about Lindsay Lohan, Simsimi may respond back with a quip about her time spent in jail and/or rehab. Thanks to the many conversations the robot has had with users about pop culture, it’s become an expert at spewing out amusing pop culture references.

Some users have noted similarities between Simsimi and Siri. They’re both robots that can do some pretty incredible things. Simsimi differs from Siri because it can’t vocalize anything or look up information on Google for you. Siri’s ideal for when you need your favorite Thai restaurant’s number. And Simsimi’s good for when you want to talk to someone and all of your other friends are busy.