Newsify mobile news reader app supports Feedly, doesn't do tags

Date: Tue Jun 20 2017 softwares »»»» Google Reader »»»» RSS Reader »»»» techsparx
mzl.wkuvbqhi.320x480-75I'm looking for a Google Reader Replacement and in reviewing Feedly, I came across Newsify because it now uses Feedly as the back end.  This means that Newsify users can quickly switch from using Google Reader, to using Feedly, and still use Newsify to read the news.

The application is available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) via the iTunes APP Store.

The good news is that it's quick to install the app, quick to get set up with a Feedly account, then quick to authenticate Newsify against your Feedly account.  Once all that's hooked up the application does a good job of displaying news items from your Feedly subscriptions.

It shows you the subscriptions, just as they are in Feedly.  Tap on a subcription, and the items in that feed show up.

The display format is somewhat like a newspaper.  You can switch the display mode, but this isn't very flexible in that there's only a choice between two modes.

Tapping on an article, and you're taken to a larger view of just that article.  Tap on the title, and it opens a web browser component to display the article.

So far the Newsify application is pretty nice, with the functionality one expects.  However, there is a fatal flaw.  For me.

I absolutely must be able to tag articles to save them for later reference.

Newsify has no ability to tag articles.  Period.  Google Reader had this ability, Feedly has this ability, Newsify does not.  Bzzzt.  Sorry.  I cannot recommend this otherwise very nice application.