Pondering rev. 2 of my book, Node Web Development -- thoughts?

Date: Sun Jul 02 2017 Node Web Development
I wrote one of the first books about Node.js, published through Packt Publishing last year. Because of the timeframe it was compatible with Node.js 0.4.x. The Node.js community has moved on since then and the team is getting ready to supersede 0.8.x with 0.10.x (is that the right version# for the next release)? Fortunately most of the examples in Node Web Development are still valid but a couple are outright invalid, and some should be rewritten.

I'm starting discussions with the publisher about revision 2 of Node Web Development.

The focus must remain on a) experienced programmers who already know JavaScript, b) know nothing about Node.js, c) know nothing about server side JavaScript

What I'm thinking is to keep the first three chapters pretty much as-is, with a bit of cleaning up. The install-from-source scenario will be downplayed in favor of the many options now available for installing from binaries.

The last three chapters is where most of the work will be done.

I am thinking it will be useful to focus on application development with Express.

I am thinking to structure it as developing a single application over several phases to bring in enough technology, phase by phase, to make it a semi-useful application.

I'd like some input from those who have read the book .. or who have opinions on how to introduce newcomers to Node.js ...

What would you like changed in Node Web Development? What topics should be covered in an introductory book on Node.js?

And, remember that this is targeted to be a short easily approachable book.