Node Web Development 2nd edition has been released!!

Date: Fri Jun 16 2017 MySQL »»»» SQLite3 »»»» MongoDB »»»» Node Web Development »»»» Express »»»» Mongoose »»»» LevelUP »»»» Sequelize »»»» Passport
About two years ago the first version of my book was released, and from what I saw got good reviews.  But it got a bit long in the tooth, partly because Node.js improved so much the last two years.  So we (Packt Publishing and myself) got our heads together and came up with a plan to improve it.  The book just got released (the UPS guy just brought my authors copies) and I want to talk a bit about the improvements.  It's much bigger, covers more stuff, more technologies, and has a cleaner flow of taking a sample application and step-by-step making it into a semi useful thing.

The final version of the sample application includes user authentication support, the ability to work with multiple database engines, be deployed on cloud services, and it dynamically sends data back and forth between server and browser to dynamically update the screen when other people edit things, and to support sending little messages between users of the application.

The sample application is a bit of a toy, of course, but it's being used to show the full range of technology to build great applications with Node.js.

The focus remains on using Express as the application framework.

Database engines covered are:- LevelUP, SQLite3, MySQL (Sequelize) and MongoDB (Mongoose)

I go over some ideas how to use the MVC model in Express, because Express separates the View and Controller code it doesn't specifically give a way to organize the Model code.

Multi-user authentication is demonstrated using Passport, using the passport-local strategy

Dynamic interaction between server, client, and multiple clients, is handled using 0.9

Finally, the book closes with a chapter on unit testing using the Vows framework.