Futures - Promises (Futures), Subscriptions, and the like meant to tame the asynchronous nature of Node.js

Date: Wed Jun 14 2017 Node.JS »»»» Asynchronous Programming

FuturesJS is a JavaScript library which (when used as directed) simplifies the flow-control of asynchronous programming (aka Callbacks & Errbacks).

  • Futures - aka Promises, Deferreds, Subscriptions
  • Joins - Synchronization of multiple Futures and asynchronous / eventually consistent data
  • Asynchronous ForEach - an ordered, asynchronous ForEachAsync implementation available as a prototype or standalone
  • Events - (using Node.JS's EventEmitter, modified for browser use)
  • Sequences - Chains of chronological callbacks
  • Asynchronous Method Queues - Think Twitter Anywhere API
  • Asynchronous Models

Project information
DescriptionPromises (Futures), Subscriptions, and the like.
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