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Doctor Who - Doctor Who, Season 5Doctor Who is back and it's a real kick ass season. The whole Doctor Who team has changed and they've brought with them a powerful vision. At the moment of writing this we're four stories into the season and it's clear there's hints being strung through the season like bits of candy leading the geek into pondering the imponderable or at least the grasping-at-straws-like activity we do with the scanty clues the writers put before us. This is what we do, every week. We watch Doctor Who and cling to the tiniest of clues to construct fanciful theories. Why do we do it? Because we're the Fans.

Anyway.. The basic story is - New Doctor - New Companion - New Tardis - New Production Team - New Sonic Screwdriver - etc. The Eleventh Hour introduces all this. The new companion is Amelia Pond whom the Doctor meets as a 7 yr old girl, then meets again 12 yrs later (19 yrs old) then again 2 yrs after that (21 yrs old). The little girl had a crack in her bedroom wall through which she could hear voices. The crack was more than a crack in the paint, it was a crack in the universe, and it let through a multidimensional creature who was escaping from prison. The Doctor managed to chase off the multidimensional creature and the guards chasing it, and to do it in a most amazing fashion.

However these blog posts are an examination of the clues put in the stories that point to something later on in the season. The characters in the shows are saying things which seem to serve more than the immediate dialog, but are giving the running litany of clues. So here goes with the ones I noticed.

Little girl living in a house - no apparent parent - Praying to Santa? Aunt Shai (???shy???)

I'm real curious about Amy Pond. In this story she doesn't appear to have adult supervision. No parents and her 'Aunt' is out. Her Aunt's name is something like "Aunt Shai" but I'm not sure of the spelling. We'll see in a later episode there's something very odd about Amy. The Doctor noted in the last season that it was odd he kept running into Donna's grandfather, so it's of course odd that he kept returning to meet Amy. By the rules of the Doctor Who show, that means there's something about Amy that has huge significance.

Crack is "everywhere". two parts of space and time that should never have touched. Then later in the show Prisoner Zero says The cracks in the skin of the universe - don't you know where they came from? The universe is cracked. The Pandoric will open. Silence will fall.

Kinda curious, eh? Implying that the universe itself is broken somehow. 'Pandoric' may refer to Pandora's Box as an analogy for a condition of the universe.

Question: What causes the cracks in the universe?

Question: 'Pandoric' refers to the opening of a container which should remain closed, and the opening of the container may let loose all sorts of nasty things. Mebbe that's the Time War coming back again? Or something else?

Silence is a word that's showing up in a few episodes. Too vague to grasp on to and come up with even a wacky theory. Sorry.

The thing you can't see will kill you. Then the scene in the village green - "I missed it ..what did I see?" Then later in that scene, the alien ship shows up scanning but cannot see prisoner zero, another "nonseen" thing.

Seeing 'everything' and the unseen things, these are a theme in all the episodes so far. Basically it's referring to what psychologists call the Shadow or which Yoda called The Dark Side. The stuff you don't look at, this is the Shadow, and in the shadow of the human psyche is often both our greatest gifts as well as our hugest fears and pains. Most people ignore those things in the shadow. In these episodes The Doctor is demonstrating the value of looking at the things you don't normally see.

Dreams becoming material - prisoner zero takes forms based on the dreams of people whom it has formed a link

Prisoner Zero was taking forms from people who were in comas. These forms were whatever the coma people were dreaming. Hence it demonstrated our dreams becoming real and present in manifest reality.

The crack is a specific transmission / frequency

The crack in Amy's wall has shown up in every episode so far. It's kinda bothersome in how obvious it is, but whatever. In any case at the end of this episode it shows up like an oscilloscope on the information display in the TARDIS control room. Hence, to be on an oscilloscope like that it would be a transmission of a specific frequency.

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