Doctor Who: Amy's parents

Date: Wed May 31 2017 Doctor Who »»»» Matt Smith

So did anyone else notice that during #DoctorWho The Eleventh Hour, Amelia never once says her parents are dead? ... The only thing she says is "I don't have a mum and dad." Innocuous at the time, but considering Flesh And Stone... #DoctorWho.

Hmm... great question. I've been curious about her parentage so, yeah, I have noticed it's very unclear. But hadn't made this connection. The only mention of a parental figure is her aunt, but the aunt is nowhere to be seen. And it's more than curious how a little girl is living "alone" enough in a house that this strange man can barge in and hang about for an hour or more, demanding food, etc, and not wake up the parental figure.

There's something more than odd about this.

In a house occupied by a crack in space, and occupied by Prisoner Zero, it's rather interesting. Other creatures could have come through that crack. And for that matter Prisoner Zero could have appeared as a being who was her aunt.