Lulu makes it easy to publish e-books and printed books

Date: Wed Feb 05 2014 e-book publishing »»»» iBook »»»» Self Publishing
I've been looking at e-book publishing and am turning my attention to They've been in business quite awhile and the first I'd heard of them was as a service to help authors put together print books for sale through However they've grown quite a bit and for example now sell books directly on their own website.

Their publisher services include all sorts of printed books, e-books, photo books, calendars, CD's, DVD's, Cookbooks, Poetry, yearbooks, etc. offers a full range professional services for authors, including editorial, design, cover design, marketing, ISBN number assignment, product delivery through, etc. It's rather comprehensive and they've been at it for a few years.

Their e-book publishing package appears to be fairly new. It is a "wizard" that lets you convert an uploaded book into EPUB format and a few other important bits of data, then submit to Apple's iBookstore. There's no word on the site of working with Amazon's Kindle bookstore, nor the other EPUB marketplaces.